Completion of this form is only required ONCE during a participants's career, unless school enrollment changes.
 (form is only valid when filled out completely by the school administrator)

Simply choose the "School Enrollment Form" button on your registration to use only this document during online registration.



If you personally experienced or witnessed inappropriate conduct, unsportsmanlike conduct, and any behavior detrimental to the league or to the positive development of our players by a NLL Volunteer (Board Member, Manager, Coach, or Umpire) or a visitor in the stands please fill out and submit this form in a timely manner.  The quicker NLL knows about a potential problem the quicker we can meet with all parties involved and resolve it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What divisions are available? 
                - Tee Ball 
                - Coach Pitch 
                - Pee Wee (Kid Pitch) 
                - Texas League 
                - Major League 

Who can play in the Nederland Little League?
Nederland Little League Baseball is open for boys and girls age 4-12 who live or go to school in the Nederland Independent School District.

When is the season?
The Little League season typically begins with practices in early/mid February. Regular season games begin in March and run to mid-June. All-Star teams begin practice in late June and can play into late July.

When are your practices?
The practice schedule is up to the individual team coaches. Typically, coaches hold practice anywhere from three to five times a week prior to the beginning of regular season games. Once games begin, practices usually fill in during the week.

When are your games?
Games at all levels are held Monday through Friday at 5:15 pm, 6:45 pm and 7:30 pm. No more than 2 games per week are scheduled, unless a make-up game is played. A schedule will be provided before the games begin and updated on the website.

What equipment and uniforms are provided?
Nederland Little League provides uniform jerseys and hats. Players must provide pants, shoes, socks, gloves, and bats. (Coaches will inform all parents of the color of pants and socks required) Little League provides batting helmets and catcher’s gear.

How are Little League Teams selected?
Little League holds tryouts and a draft for each player.

When are tryouts? 
Tryouts are scheduled for the end of January at the ball park. Each player will have the opportunity to hit, field ground balls and pop flies and demonstrate throwing, pitching and running skills. NOTE: Tee Ball players do not participate in tryouts.

When should I hear which team my child is on?
The draft is scheduled to occur the week of February 1st.  The coaches will have 1 week to contact each player.

What documents are needed for registration?
Players will need to provide the following:

  1. A copy of players Certified Birth Certificate,
  2. School Enrollment Form is available on our FORMS page.  This form must be filled out by a School Administrator. or;
  3. 3 Proofs of current residency:  
  • Driver’s License,
  • Voter’s Registration,
  • School records (dated November '17 - January‘ 18 are valid) 
  • Utility bills (gas, electric, water/sewer) (dated November '17 - January‘ 18 are valid)*NOTE: You can only use 1 utility bill.  For example, the electric bill and cable bill do not constitute 2 forms of residency.
  • Vehicle records (dated November '17 - January‘ 18 are valid)
  • Homeowner or tenant records (dated November '17 - January‘ 18 are valid)
  • Insurance documents (dated November '17 - January‘ 18 are valid)

All documentation will be verified by the Board of Directors and refunds will be given to anyone who registered a player that is not eligible to play in the Nederland Little League.

Nederland Little League

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Nederland, Texas 77627

Email: [email protected]