Shane Isom Memorial Scholarship

Nederland Little League is a non-profit organization that believes that every child who wishes to play baseball should be able to do so. 

The Shane Isom Memorial Foundation has generously provided the NLL funds to provide assistance, based on need and ability, with the costs of baseball, including full and/or partial registration fees and/or required equipment (bats, cleats, and/or gloves.)

To be eligible for a full and/or partial scholarship, you must provide the Nederland Little League Scholarship Committee the following: 

  • A detailed explanation of the financial hardship with supporting documentation such as an approved Free or Reduced Lunch Application approved by your child's school. 
  • Proof of residency – indicating that the player(s) lives in or goes to school in the Nederland Independent School District.
nll scholarship application.pdf

Scholarship FAQs

Is the information I provide you kept confidential? If so, how?

Absolutely. All information supplied, and access to it, is limited to the small Scholarship Review Committee. The information is not shared.

Why was the scholarship program established?

The Shane Isom Memorial Foundation is very generous sponsor of the Nederland Little League.  The foundation reached out to us to see if they could help in other ways and the Shane Isom Memorial Scholarship was created.  The Isom Family is committed to helping every child play baseball that wishes to do so.

I applied, what happens next?

Once the scholarship form has been submitted, the Nederland Little League Scholarship Committee will review the request. 

The Scholarship Committee will respond via e-mail with a decision on the scholarship request. If scholarship is granted, information regarding registration and/or equipment information will be sent via email.

Once granted, is the scholarship permanent?

Scholarships are neither permanent nor automatically renewed every year.  Scholarships expire at the end of each season. Requests for scholarships must be made in each season. Applications must meet the scholarship eligibility requirements.

Is there a limit on the number of children in my family that I can request a scholarship for?

No. In financial hardship cases, a scholarship may be requested for each child in your family that wants to play baseball.  Please fill out a separate form for each child. The Scholarship Committee will examine the needs and make a decision on the scope (full or partial) of the scholarship award(s).

Is my child guaranteed a full scholarship?

All scholarships are judged on their own merit. Depending on the circumstances, the scholarship award may be full or it may be partial. The Scholarship Committee will make that determination.

What does the scholarship cover? 

Full or Partial registration fees given in the form of a coupon code, and/or equipment donation.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact the Nederland Little League Information Officer, Amanda Yarbrough by email below.

Where should I send the application? 

Please email your application to [email protected]

Nederland Little League

705 Helena Ave., Nederland Little League
Nederland, Texas 77627

Email: [email protected]